Mythic Blood Series

Book One

There are certain things my mom should have told me:
~ I’m only half human.
~ In fact, gargoyles, vampires, and demons are real.
~ There’s a secret society that kills people like me.

The Mythic Blood are half-human, half-supernatural. They’ve roamed the earth for centuries fighting against a powerful secret society who wants them all dead. One girl holds the key to change everything.

Within a few days, Lilianna Ross is orphaned, sprouting wings, and pursued by a madman. She also discovers a terrifying ability to inflict pain on anyone within ten feet of her.

As Lilianna struggles to come to terms with these changes, she must fight to stay alive. Even though she was warned to stay away from the dhampirs, they may be her only hope for survival. Especially their overbearing leader who says he’s only trying to protect her.

*Previously titled FORLORN*. MYTHIC BLOOD is the first installment of this young adult angel and demon series. If you like Vampire Academy, Born at Midnight, and the TV series Grimm, then you’ll love this new Dark Urban Fantasy.

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I have a plan:
~ Learn to control my angelic grace.
~ Avenge my loved ones.
~ Try not to fall too hard for Zur, the half-gargoyle, because that could complicate everything.

Lummi Island is not the safe haven that Lilianna expected. If the secret of who her family is gets out, the Tribe will lock her up and throw away the key. But that’s not the most pressing issue.

Someone is stalking her. Library books are disappearing. And she may be linked to an ancient prophecy of doom.

All Lilianna wants is to learn to control her angelic grace, so she can escape the island and stop the secret society that is killing hybrids. However, learning to control her angelic powers is…not going so well.

MYTHIC ISLAND is the second installment of the Mythic Blood series.

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